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Clients / Credits

Clients include:  RUCA, Scattered Melodies, LINE6, Donna Frost, Laura Hamlin, Pride Through Strife, Something Went Awry!, Patty Uptain, Dawn Kerlin, Lezli Goodwin, Narcoleptic Spiders, Killer Tracks, Ed Waters Music, Laura Hamlin, El West, Bryant Powell, Mister Lucky, Dawn Jameson, Radiobox, Tongue n Groove, Eric Mazzeo,  M.R. Mal, Mark Weeter, The Moment, John Stone, Wild Whirled Music, Source Q Boutique, Deep Field Publishing (BMI), Twisted Metaphor Music (ASCAP), and more ....

Songs written, co-written, recorded and produced at High Desert Production House have been

and/or are currently being aired worldwide, and in the U.S.A.  by the following:

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